Using Throws and Blankets Around the Home

The Instant Décor Update: Using Throws and Blankets Around the Home

 Sure, it would be great to buy a brand new living room set. And that spare room could sure use an update before the in-laws come to visit next month. Maybe you’re renting and aren't allowed to make any paint or structural changes. Or maybe you’re trying to sell your home and could use some super chic ideas for updated staging. Unfortunately though, as we all know, sometimes redecorating dreams are not always the reality when it comes down to the budget. The good news is that just a few fresh and beautiful throw blankets, strategically placed, can provide you miles of style and beaucoup bang for the buck! When used to their fullest, they can easily and affordably add value, comfort, and style to any room, while providing a little extra warmth when temps get chilly. 

Add Color, Pattern, and Texture

When it comes down to practicality and versatility in décor, you just can’t beat a quality wool or silk blend throw blanket or beautiful Peshtemal.  

  • If you’re stuck with a neutral, mostly monotone palette, placing 2 or 3 solid colour throws will work to add vibrancy while helping to draw the eye around the room. You could even add colour with varying the shades of one accent color, using throws of light, medium, and dark hues, that will create a striking and lovely ombre effect.
  • Maybe you’re not up for committing to pattern in a big area or on a larger item, like a sofa or an entire wall? Peshtemals or throws with patterns are the perfect option! Not only will they provide just enough pattern to liven things up, but their pattern power can be moved around the room whenever the mood strikes you!
  • Throws of varying textures can also help to add depth and warmth to a room. There’s just something about the playful tassels on Turkish throws, and the rises and ridges of a waffle knit that just makes you want to come into the area…sit down to relax…reach out to touch your surroundings.

Gorgeous Ways to Display

While using throws and Peshtemals is certainly one of the easiest ways to update and freshen the look of your home, contrary to what you might think, it’s not quite as simple as tossing them onto the couch or chair and calling it “done.” There is an art to using throws correctly, to avoid making everything just look plain messy and sloppy.

First, there are two main ways to apply the throw… the drape, or the fold.

  • The Drape – If your room is filled with soft, overstuffed furnishings, soft cushions or carpets, or has a “shabby chic” vibe, the drape method will lend itself best to your style. Throws neatly draped (the key word there is neatly) over the side arms of sofas, the backs of chairs, and the corners of ottomans will add a warm, cozy feel to the room without looking out of place.
  • The Fold – This method is best for rooms that either have an overall more modern or formal feel. It also works perfectly for rooms that contain a lot of sharp, geometric angles, patterns, or designs. The key here is to be precise with the fold and the placement, so the throw doesn't clash with the existing vibe. Throws can be folded and placed vertically down the back and over the seat of chairs to double as seat protectors. They can be folded and placed over a headboard to create a new texture/design element in the room. Throws also look epic folded and laid horizontally across the foot of a bed or ottoman. And folding them and placing them strategically either horizontally across the back, or vertically down the middle of a sofa, then layering on a few accent pillows can not only change the look of an entire room, but make it look as if you’ve got a whole new sofa to boot!

Yep…incorporating throw blankets and Peshtemals into a room is definitely one of our favourite ways to add colour, texture, and comfort to our home without breaking the bank! And hopefully, we’ve given you some refreshing new ideas in using them that will help make a beautiful and impactful change to your space.

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