Embracing Autumn and Winter

Everyone knows that winters in Australia are mild and warm compared to some other parts of the world, but we still have cold periods, we experience large temperature differences on the same day, and some areas of the country can be quite colder than others. And even though we prefer sunny weather and warm temperatures, we embrace all changes that come with cold seasons, and we enjoy it in our own way. But no matter what time of the year is, we never give up on our outdoor lifestyle. Drawn by the beach and the sounds of the ocean, you can find us sitting on our beach towels at any time of the year

beach image

During summer it’s all about contrasts, bright colours and bold patterns, but as the winter approaches we tend to calm the scenery with earthy tones and tranquillizing ambient. Cold seasons bring dry and chilly nights after a hot and humid summer, and those changes are always reflected in our living areas.  What we seek in winter time is a sense of indulgence and comfort when we enter our home after a cold, windy day spent outside. To warm up brisk evenings place covers and throws on your outdoor seating and add some candlelight to warm up the ambience. Soft rugs by the bed, a large carpet in a living room and a few extra throw pillows on the sofa will cosy up the space instantly.

cosy interiors

Autumn and winter give us more time to relax and cool of from a long hot summer and outdoor activities and to regain our energy. We have more time to enjoy the intimacy of our homes. These are the times to enjoy a good book and film marathons snuggled on the sofa with a cup of coffee. So get comfy, rug up and take advantage of the crisp and the refreshing breeze outside, because it won’t be long before we’ll be searching for a shadow and a cold spot again.

chair with throw