A friend was recently sharing with me an experience she had during her travels through India.

While browsing in a small shop in Jaipur, a vibrant salwar kameez caught her eye. She grabbed it off the table for closer inspection. Then, when she decided to move on and keep looking, she did what instinctively comes next to anyone who has spent any amount of time working in retail: she began to fold the garment and politely place it where she found it.

It was at that moment that a worker in the shop, quite clearly irritated, appeared out of nowhere. Unable to communicate, she couldn’t understand her misstep and deferred to her local hostess, who knew she was just trying to help and laughed at the mix-up. She said, “We are a proud people. He takes his job seriously and you have insulted him by doing his work.”

If only everyone could feel such fervour for their daily tasks… And to think, something as simple as folding a shirt. Passion and fulfilment look different for everyone.

I certainly feel blessed to have the opportunity to do something I love. Likewise, I am impressed by the dedication of our team members, who take their craft seriously and truly weave that emotion into each fibre of the textiles we offer.

Here at Kalite, we are passionate about bringing you beautiful, functional pieces of the highest quality, whilst supporting traditional communities and young designers alike. In the coming months, we will be introducing a carefully selected and limited number of new products that fit with that ethos and complement the towels and cushions for which we are already well known. Please watch this space to learn more.

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life. ”

― Federico Fellini