WHO: Bahar Gozkun

What is the city but the people? 

A wiser man than me once said. This is especially true here in Istanbul, a city of millions - steeped in rich history and beautiful architecture but for us the real treasure is the individual stories.

Let us introduce you to a new a friend of ours Bahar Gozkun from Civan, a boutique tailor shop (and workspace) specifically for men.

Tell us about yourself.

I'm working as a self employee at Civan Fashion House for Men. I live and work in Cihangir area of Istanbul. 

What do you love about what you do?
manufacturing the things i like and meeting new people each day at the shop

Where do you find inspiration?
the details of the city, the antiques of the area and the grace of past

What is your favourite spot in Istanbul?

What is your favourite summer get away destination?
I actually cant go on vacation in the summer time due to high season for work but if I could i would go to Greek islands.

What is your must take summer holiday accessory?
lots of light dresses and tiny bikinis!

Visit her here: