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The Whole Food Movement

The Whole Food Movement Just a block back from Bondi Beach, at the corner of Warner’s and Wairoa, stands what some might say is a sign of the times. In the space where Nina’s Ploy Thai faithfully served beach denizens for more than two decades, an airy new café has opened its doors, inviting neighbours into a welcoming space of wood, exposed brick and copper. But it’s the menu rather than the ambience, that’s drawing crowds. This latest addition the neighbourhood is Sadhana Kitchen, which started in Enmore and is known for organic, raw, vegan offerings. Sydney’s eastern beaches have always had a somewhat complex relationship with food – us locals are typically health conscious and want to fit our...

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Embracing Autumn and Winter

Everyone knows that winters in Australia are mild and warm compared to some other parts of the world, but we still have cold periods, we experience large temperature differences on the same day, and some areas of the country can be quite colder than others. And even though we prefer sunny weather and warm temperatures, we embrace all changes that come with cold seasons, and we enjoy it in our own way. But no matter what time of the year is, we never give up on our outdoor lifestyle. Drawn by the beach and the sounds of the ocean, you can find us sitting on our beach towels at any time of the year During summer it’s all about contrasts, bright...

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A friend was recently sharing with me an experience she had during her travels through India. While browsing in a small shop in Jaipur, a vibrant salwar kameez caught her eye. She grabbed it off the table for closer inspection. Then, when she decided to move on and keep looking, she did what instinctively comes next to anyone who has spent any amount of time working in retail: she began to fold the garment and politely place it where she found it. It was at that moment that a worker in the shop, quite clearly irritated, appeared out of nowhere. Unable to communicate, she couldn’t understand her misstep and deferred to her local hostess, who knew she was just trying...

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